An Electric Revolution: Reforming Monopolies, Reinventing the Grid and Giving Power to the People

The Electric RevolutionChallenge: For the Galvin Electricity Initiative, write a condensed analysis of the electricity system, including the historical context for its inefficiencies and lagging modernization, while laying forth a practical and easily understood argument for reform, with ideas that can help businesses, elected officials, regulators and individuals work together to build an intelligent grid that serves society’s 21st century needs.  An online version of the booklet now available at the Galvin Initiative website.

“Jay Stuller has the exceptional ability to transform complex subjects into highly readable and entertaining narratives that capture the attention and imagination of diverse readers.  What sets Jay apart even more is his ability to write these demanding narratives without blurring the facts, while clearly and compellingly projecting their full implications.” Robert Galvin – Chairman of the Board Emeritus, Motorola Kurt Yeager – Former President, Electric Power Research Institute