Jay Stuller has authored several corporate histories, including books on the early years of the Kaman Helicopter company; S.C. Johnson and Sons; and, among other ghost-written projects, a history of the Mervyns Department Store chain.  He is the author of An Electric Revolution: Reforming Monopolies, Reinventing the Grid and Giving Power to the PeopleHow to Love a PMSing Woman; When Timing is Everything; Alcatraz: The Prison; co-author of Through the Grapevine: The Business of Wine in America; and co-author of Perfect Power: How the Microgrid Revolution Will Unleash Cleaner, Greener, And More Abundant Energy.  Excerpts from some of these works can be found within.

Corporate Publications

Writing authentic, informative and compelling articles for internal corporate publications is one of the discipline’s most difficult art forms.  Within are excerpts from some of Stuller’s work for Chevron Corp.

Corporate Speeches

The best corporate speaking engagements have a purpose that often goes beyond the immediate audience, and are aimed at influencing governments, regulators and other groups that can either give an enterprise an unrestricted license to operate, or make even routine business difficult.  Within are excerpts from several speeches.

National Magazines

Here are examples from a number of national magazine articles that Jay Stuller has written in decades past, on topics ranging from open heart surgery to football.